Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tyranids: Drybrushing vs. Highlighting

Hello World! This is my first post and I figured what better way to say hello world then by discussing something that hits home to me. This very first post will be over the topic of dry brushing vs. highlighting Tyranid models. Now I have heard it told that to properly paint a Tyranid we need to highlight the musculature. I have seen some very well painted Trygons with highlighted muscles. Now, sure it looks good but does it make sense? Since Tyranids don’t actually exist (or so they will have us believe) we will have to rely on the closest things in nature that resembles them, the mighty Arthropod.
            What is an Arthropod? Well, it is animal with an exoskeleton, also sometimes known as a carapace, and soft or thin spots over the joints. One look at an Arthropod and you can see why I think that highlighting muscles doesn’t make sense. There just isn’t any muscle to highlight. More so, since it’s a harden surface, dry brushing the edges would bring out the worn or slightly more harden edges of the carapace. The only possible point on a Tyranid that could pass for muscles is at the joints.
            Here again, the muscles on an Arthropod are located underneath the carapace or in some cases Arthropods use an almost hydraulic like feature to move their limbs. So all this being the case, we look back at the hordes and it becomes apparent that there just isn’t any reason to highlight the muscles that don’t exist. Some people might say, what’s the point of any this anyway? I mean, who would won’t to paint 60 gaunts with that level of detail? Not me. But, it does apply to the bigger guys.
            Well thanks world for reading the first of hopefully many posts. What is your opinion?

                                                              ...yum crab

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