Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vamire Counts Tactics: Death Star

ZombieJoe Joe here and it's time for Zombies! Today I will give a little Vampire Counts tactica based on my experience with them as well as discuss the future of VC. The list I have listed is actually very successful for me. On more than one occasion I defeated my opponent in the first two turns. Now before we get to deep I will like to make a disclaimer for this list. The ability to defeat an opponent in turn one or two only works in non-standard games, meaning that you cannot make it to combat in turn one as the tactic would suggest because that actual game rules say you must be over 24” apart. So that being the case it is not possible turn one, but turn two...
            The list includes:
Vampire Lord – decked out pretty much however you like just as long as you give him the entire lore of vampires and Staff of Damnation.

Vampire – again gear not specific just give him the signature lore of beasts spell, and ghoul kin.

Wight King – must have the Drackenhoff BSB.

Konrad – because he is awesome sauce.

Ghouls x 50 – what could be better

Ghouls x 50 – redundancy is key.

Corpse Cart x 2 – because they know how to buff.

Blood Knights/Vargulg/Black Coach/ ect.

The peripherals are really up to you and your liking. I take 5 x Blood Knights and a Vargulf in a 2500 point game. But oddly enough this list does not depend on them.

            Now this strategy works really well against Skaven and there Screaming Bells or Plague furnaces , depends on where they dumped the most points. Put all vampires and Wight Kings in one of the ghouls units (yes it’s a death star)

What you do is:

Deployment- Move up as far as the game parameters will allow.

Before first turn – March your ghouls via ghoul kin as far as you can.

*Get first turn, or don’t and it will work in standard games if the enemy goes first.

Your turn – March up then use Danse Macabre to get to combat.

*Now for the fun stuff.

Use a corpse to give yourself always strike first. Use lore of beasts to buff your ghouls. Use staff of damnation to get one round of free combat. Then after you have done all your other spells go into combat and wreck face. I suggest using Konrad to tear open any Bells or  plague furnaces.

There you have it, simply and very effective. What you have here is a Laser Guided Nuke. You destroy the most expensive unit in turn one or two and surely you have won the game.

Part 2:

From Part 1 you know that I favor using death stars for VC. The reason for this is that I think the days of small units are gone for the vampires. The magic phase has become unreliable for us. Any given turn can be awesome or terrible. So the old ways of spamming spawned units is gone, we all know this. But what does that do to the army? Well it forces us to fight as we always should have, as a horde. Sending massive blocks of undead to the door step of our enemies. Hiding our Heroes and Lords among the dead and generally trying to make a single massive unit. Done the way I see it, it is unavoidable to make a death star.
If you run the Drackenhoff BSB as I do then you would want to put that big point addition in a unit that would matter, that leaves us with a large block of something. But then you have your Lord and your Heroes, wouldn’t they live longer and be more effective if they had some Regen? Yeah, they would. So we put them in the Regen BSB unit and now we have a death star.
Simply put, small block of units don’t work for us. They die just way to fast and we cannot count on bringing them back. Personally I barely use summoning powers to increase or even revamp (pun intended) a unit unless it is really important that I do. Instead I use the lore’s to make my units stronger and throw some death on my enemies. That’s all I use my power dice for. The most wounds I recover I put on characters.
That really about covers it, what do you all think? Is a death star the only logical place for VC to go?
This is ZombieJoe saying, “Remove the head or destroy the brain.”

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